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OGWRP Watershed Planning Project

The Odessa Groundwater Replacement Program (OGWRP) has been under development for several years.  Now it's time to design and construct the infrastructure needed to deliver the new Columbia Basin Project water to an additional 65,000+ acres.

And we're pursuing USDA Farm Bill programs to help make it happen.

The Columbia Basin Conservation District (CBCD), East Columbia Basin Irrigation District (ECBID), and your legislators are pursuing funding through USDA Farm Bill conservation programs, specifically, the NRCS PL-566 Watershed Program to help implement the next and final phases of OGWRP.


This new initiative known as the "OGWRP Watershed Planning Project", is the starting point for securing significant federal funding through NRCS.  Implementation will be determined as plans develop, to sync OGWRP purposes and landowner investments. This USDA funding will build on the significant investments continuing to be made by the State of Washington, Bureau of Reclamation, and ECBID producers.

This website, hosted by CBCD, is dedicated to providing specific and timely information that producers will need to take advantage of the technical and financial services provided through USDA-NRCS programs.  Getting involved as early as possible will help ensure you can connect to one of the new OGWRP laterals and take full advantage of these technical and financial resources.

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