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FCA selected to prepare OGWRP Watershed Plan and EIS Adoption

December 14, 2022

The Columbia Basin Conservation District (CBCD) is pleased to announce it recently selected Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA) through a competitive bid process to prepare the Odessa Groundwater Replacement Program's (OGWRP) Watershed Plan and EIS Adoption. This is another important milestone in furthering efforts to bring substantial funding to the OGWRP through NRCS' Small Watershed Program (PL-566).

FCA is not only recognized as an organization at the forefront of watershed planning but was also previously contracted by the CBCD on behalf of the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District (ECBID), the Sponsor, to complete the Preliminary Investigation Feasibility Report (PIFR) for the OGWRP.

"We are thrilled to have FCA leading the preparation of these important documents. With FCA's extensive knowledge and experience with NRCS' Small Watershed Program and the OGWRP itself -- along with fully engaged partners -- we are confident that development of the OGWRP Watershed Plan and EIS Adoption will be conducted as efficiently as possible." - Kristina Ribellia, CBCD Executive Director

The OGWRP Watershed Plan and EIS Adoption kick-off will be held at ECBID's office in Othello on December 15th.

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